Coronavirus Advice for Families and Funeral Directors

Government Advice means that the grounds of Cemeteries and Crematoria are not currently accessible to the general public, so please do not attempt to visit Charlton Park Crematorium unless you are attending a service.

Charlton Park Crematorium is working with families and funeral directors to ensure that booked services go ahead, if this is still desired, while complying with the new rules about close family only in attendance at funerals.

Close family is defined as:

We have looked at how we can adapt our service to meet the practical and emotional needs of bereaved families should they wish to change the arrangements in the light of the current restrictions on movement and getting together.

Prompt cremation of all deceased persons is recommended to prevent putting pressure on NHS, Coroner and funeral home mortuary facilities. It is also an important infection control measure where Covid-19 is the cause of death.

Where requested, Charlton Park Crematorium will divide an existing full-service booking, allowing a formal but unattended committal in the Ceremony Hall that could be webcast to mourners, followed by a Memorial Service in the Ceremony Hall at a later date. The current full-service fee of £900 will apply to this two-part format.

What’s included in the formal committal option:

Of course, families can still choose our direct cremation option and make arrangements for a completely separate ceremony when the risk of infection has passed.

Please be assured that the whole team are committed to working with you to achieve the most satisfying farewell possible for every family.