Updated Coronavirus Advice for Families and Funeral Directors June 2020

Charlton Park Crematorium continues to work with families and funeral directors to ensure that funeral services are as satisfying and comforting as possible while complying with latest Government rules.

At the moment, 30 mourners are allowed to attend in our ceremony hall and 6 mourners in our Oak Room, which includes family and friends.

Our crematorium is still open to families who wish to attend in person, and we continue to offer the option to webcast the funeral service to those who are unable to travel.

We would ask those attending to wait outside the crematorium building until the service is about to begin. You can still access our toilet facilities and hand sanitiser is readily available in the reception area.

We have not removed any seats from the ceremony hall, but instead placed notices on some chairs to remind everyone to leave space and observe the current social distancing guidelines.

Attendance is currently capped at 30 in the Main Hall and we respectfully ask mourners attending services to wear face coverings.

Where requested, Charlton Park Crematorium will divide an existing full-service booking, allowing a formal but unattended committal in the Ceremony Hall that could be webcast to mourners, followed by a Memorial Service in the Ceremony Hall at a later date. The current full-service fee of £900 will apply to this two-part format.

What’s included in the formal committal option:

Of course, families can still choose our direct cremation option and make arrangements for a completely separate ceremony when the risk of infection has passed.

Please be assured that the whole team are committed to working with you to achieve the most satisfying farewell possible for every family.