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The Farewell Spaces

Ceremony Space

The Ceremony Hall

This light-filled space with its soaring ceiling creates a sense of occasion without overwhelming. The fully glazed wall looking into the peaceful courtyard garden, combined with a muted palette of stone, creamy tiles and warm oak, contribute to a restful atmosphere, which is further enhanced by luxuriously-upholstered seating.

The facilities include 2 large screens for displaying images, videos, readings and song lyrics, plus the option to webcast the farewell to family or friends who are unable to attend. As well as a hearing induction loop facility, we have a height-adjustable lecturn - which is good for everyone, especially children and wheelchair users.

The Ceremony Hall has seating for 86 people and ample standing room for up to 25 additional mourners. If needed, the reception space can be used as an extension to the Ceremony Hall with mourners able to clearly see and hear what is happening thanks to the intelligent glass partition between these spaces.

The Oak Room

This smaller space has been designed for intimate farewells with up to 12 mourners, yet it offers the same comfortable seating, music, digital tribute and even webcasting options as the main Ceremony Hall.

There are places to display photographs, mementoes, flowers and light candles. This room has lots of natural light, supplemented by dimmable lighting.

The Witness Room

Just behind the Ceremony Hall is a unique, private space for up to 12 people to gather and prepare to watch the coffin entering the cremator chamber itself. We have made sure that, whether this is a community tradition, a faith requirement or simply a personal choice, this experience is both dignified and comfortable.

Intelligent glass walls keep the room enclosed and separate until the witnesses are ready to proceed. At this moment the glass becomes clear, revealing the Cremator Hall and the coffin placed ready on the charging platform. 

Other Facilities

The Park

Charlton Park Crematorium sits in a 10.5 acre site that has been brought gently back to life. All of the original trees remain, and more than a hundred additional saplings have been planted around the perimeter. Soft landscaping has created a mix of meadow-style areas and lush glades that support a wide range of wildlife, balanced with different areas for future memorials.

You are welcome to spend time here and we are planning a programme of events to ensure this special place is a real asset to the community.

Our plans include areas to scatter ashes, personalised niches, memorial benches and plaques, plus pathways designed for reflection journeys. More information, including prices, will be available from September 2019.

celebrants' facilities

We also look after the people leading your service. There is a dedicated room where clergy and celebrants can make final preparations for the farewell. This simply-furnished space features a secure cupboard for personal items, a desk with a comfortable chair, and a screen linked to the audio-visual system so it's easy to confirm the service details. 

The Cremator Hall

We believe that this area is as important as the Ceremony Hall, so it has been built to the same standard, with the same high-quality materials. The two impressive cremator chambers and the design of the space they sit within are intended to physically demonstrate the standard of the care we give to each individual. Anyone with a personal or professional interest can arrange to visit the Cremator Hall and meet our staff.

How We Work

ID Disk
Complete Peace of Mind

Our many years' experience of caring for the bereaved has informed our approach and working methods. We are committed to giving each family total peace of mind and eliminating any secret anxiety about the care your loved one receives, the identity of the ashes that are returned and our impact on the planet.

Thoughtful Technology

Every step of your loved one's journey is carefully recorded via a unique identifying code that allows us to record the time and staff member overseeing each transition - from arrival at Charlton Park to scattering or return of the ashes.

We have also adopted a simple but lovely idea from Europe - a ceramic token bearing the individual cremation number is placed on top of the coffin before it enters the cremation chamber. This token stays with your loved one after the cremation is complete and is visibly incorporated into the final presentation of the ashes in our modern, biodegradable container.

EnvironmentalLY aware

The cremation equipment that we have selected incorporates the latest filtration technology to ensure that particulates are removed by dust filters and any toxins such as mercury are removed with active carbon filtration. As a result, the air emitted from our chimneys is extremely clean. 

Instead of using plastic urns we have chosen a new kind of container made from cellulose to ensure it is both robust AND biodegradable.

The way we consume energy is also considered - from the building's insulation and heat-recovery system to the timing of individual cremations to minimise the consumption of fossil fuels.